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The Universal Constants of Nature

The 'presence' of the Universal Constants of Nature demonstrates a comforting stability as the foundational substrate of measurable reality. Their existence doesn't negate the idea that all is flux, instead giving everything an axis on which to oscillate. Sound is probably the least appropriate medium to explore these phenomena but conversely, it might be perfectly suited. 

Album available here for free download. (24bit/48K Lossless FLAC [500MB])

The International System of Units. The SI Base Units

The SI base units (kilogram, second, metre, Ampere, mole, candela, and Kelvin) underpin measurement in all science and technology. In May 2019, the International System of Units inaugurated the final SI base units' derivation from invariant constants of nature, quietly heralding a new era of reliability in metrology. These modular graphic scores can be approached individually, in any combination or in their totality.  

Album available here for free download. (24bit/48K Lossless FLAC [500MB])

Trichromatic Moiré

14 artists were asked to respond sonically to a regular, trichromatic moiré without any further instruction. The panorama of actualisations demonstrates the myriad ways in which we might heuristically approach a graphic score. Album published by The Sonic Art Research Unit.  


Improvised actualisation available here for free download. (24bit/48K Lossless FLAC [500MB]) 

Tympanic Ruptures

An early 'work in progress' edit of these compositions appeared in A Row of Trees, Volume 3 Issue 1, published by the Sonic Art Research Unit. I’m attempting to demonstrate some of the distortions I experienced when my hearing was temporarily damaged. These difficult compositions replicate events during the non-linear recovery of my ears.

Album available here for free download. (24bit/48K Lossless FLAC [500MB])

Fluxus Event Scores (2024 Remaster)

Collected interpretations of event scores from the Fluxus back catalog. Recorded in various ways; off the cuff, lo-fi, live or in the studio. Every actualization captures a moment in time and does not demonstrate an actualization that I am satisfied with. This is not a Fluxus Project. 

Album available here for free download. (24bit/48K Lossless FLAC [1.5 GB])

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