Trichromatic Moiré

Trichromatic Moiré embodies an exploration of the latent potential in the fundamental visual devices with which we write music. In this case, the dot. 

Artists were asked to respond sonically to a regular, trichromatic moiré without any further instruction. The panorama of actualisations demonstrates the myriad ways in which we might heuristically approach a graphic score. 

I 1 – Sarah Hennies

I 2 – Shirley Pegna

I 3 – Samuel Rodgers

I 4 – Ko Ishikawa

I 5 – Harriet Butler

I 6 – David Lacey

I 7 – Joseph Clayton Mills

I 8 – Keiko Yamamoto

II 1 – Rie Nakajima & Marie Roux

II 2 – Ryu Hankil

II 3 – Sally Ann McIntyre

II 4 – Will Montgomery

II 5 – Joseph Clayton Mills

II 6 – Tetuzi Akiyama

II 7 – lo wie (text)

Double C.D. available from Oxford Brookes


“...a poetic diagram is not simply a drawing. It may find a way to integrate the hesitations and ambiguities which alone can free us from realism, allow us to dream.”  

                                                                                       Gaston Bachelard

MoiréCD photo.jpg