Detachment / Tolerance. The transcription of a presentation that I gave at an online research seminar is available to read here.  It details some of the work that I have been doing lately. 


The International System of Units. The SI Base Units. A new modular score based on the seven SI base units (kilogram, second, metre, Ampere, mole, candela & Kelvin) has been released by Suppedaneum to accompany a realization of 'metre' by Patrick Farmer and David Lacey.

Field Recordings From  Kyushu.  A collection of field recordings are available for free download here. Some of these recordings feature in my Framework Afield episode #689.

While Listening. Limited edition of four typeset scores. An actualization by Ryoko Akama has been released via Verz Imprint.

Trichromatic Moiré.  A limited edition screen-printed score and a double CD of actualizations featuring Sarah Hennies, Rie Nakajima & Marie Roux, Ryu Hankil, Sally Ann McIntryre, Will Montgomery, Joseph Clayton Mills, Tetuzi Akiyama, Shirley Pegna, Samuel Rodgers, Ko Ishikawa, Harriet Butler, David Lacey, Keiko Yamamoto and lo wie has been released through The Sonic Art Research Unit.  Also available to download here.

Abandoned Tracks. Two extended collages of score responses, improvisations and experiments have been released for download by Compost & Height

A Topography of Sound appears in the new book Azimuth, the Ecology of an Ear, by Patrick Farmer which is published by The Sonic Art Research Unit


A Survey of the Marantz CP430 Stereo Cassette Recorder. A collection of recordings made of, and made with, two CP430 field recorders are available for free download here