Low Frequency Basic Waves

"The pleasures of sight have one characteristic in common - they take you by surprise. They are sudden, swift and unexpected. If one tries to prolong them, recapture them or bring them about wilfully their purity and freshness is lost. They are essentially enigmatic and elusive. One can stare at a landscape, for example, which a moment ago seemed vibrant and find it inert and dull - so one cannot say that this lively quality of sight is simply 'out there in nature', or easily available to be commanded as wished. Nor is it a state of mind which, once acquired, can bend the most stubborn and unrewarding aspect of external reality to its own purposes. It is neither one nor the other but a perfect balance between the two, between the inner and the outer."


Bridget Riley

Continuing my research from Trichromatic Moiré, and considering the above quote in terms of sound and listening, this series of twenty etchings addresses the question, how might we express fundamental sonic phenomena such as binaural beats using the basic visual devices frequently employed to write music? In this case, the line. 


Sawtooth Binaural Beat #2

Etching on 100% gampi

23 X 16.5 cm

Edition of 4